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The Mosaic of Black Religion in Indianapolis

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Title: The Mosaic of Black Religion in Indianapolis
Author: Wedam, Elfriede
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Abstract: Using the categories devised by Robert Franklin, we examined an array of worship styles and social-political stances among approximately 100 African-American congregations in Indianapolis. We found little evidence of the radical activist engagement that was once identified with black churches. However, new styles of social and political engagement are beginning to emerge. Franklin's categories range from grassroots revivalists, who focus on personal salvation and individual responsibility, to prophetic radicals, who critique the basic economic and political structures of American society. The issue includes a roundtable discussion featuring scholars Elfriede Wedam, Ron Sommerville, and Joseph Tamney.
Date: 2000-09
Series/Report: vol.2 no.8;
Appears in Collections: Research Notes 1997-2001


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