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Established in 1925, the Indiana Business Research Center is an integral unit in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. The IBRC provides and interprets the economic information needed by the state’s business, government and nonprofit organizations, as well as users of such information throughout the nation.

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Recent Submissions

  • Waldron, David; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017-10)
    Career and Technical Education: Outcomes on Employment, Wages, and Industry; Understanding the Administrative Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services Sector
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Evans, Thea; Rogers, Carol O. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017-08)
    Carmel, Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne Show Biggest Population Gains; Occupation Assignment Engine Helps Fill Knowledge Gaps
  • Zimmer, Timothy E.; Rogers, Carol O.; Evans, Thea (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017)
    Which Hoosiers are Successfully Navigating the Unemployment System; Education Required, but at What Level
  • Marcus, Morton J.; Yadavalli, Anita (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017)
    Workers' Share of GDP; Indiana's Long-Term Care Insurance Program
  • Zimmer, Timothy; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017-06)
    Indianapolis and the Ring: The Changing Nature of Commuting Workers; Internet Use in Indiana
  • Rogers, Carol O.; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017-04)
    Indiana's 2016 Population a Fitting Milestone in the State's 200-Year History; How Indiana's Manufacturing Employment is Changing; Put These in Your Workforce and Economic Development Toolkit
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Caplan, Zoe; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017-02)
    Demographic Divers of Indiana Housing Market Continue to Drag; Economic Expectations: Indiana's Metro Areas in 2017
  • Zimmer, Timothy E.; Knapp, Karl; Slaper, Timothy; Rogers, Carol O. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017)
    Lean Manufacturing: The Production Employment and Wages Connection; Innovation 2.0 - What's in Your Wallet; Reflections on the Carrier Deal
  • Witte, Willard E.; Bonser-Neal, Cathy; Mafi-Kreft, Elham; Neal, Robert S.; Trzcinka, Charles; McCoy, Douglas M.; Slaper, Timothy F.; Brewer, Ryan M.; Walton, Thomas W.; Hurt, Chris; Truitt, Terry C.; Conover, Jerry N.; Khayum, Mohammed; Samavati, Hedayeh; Nazarov, Zafar; Pollak, Micah R.; Anderson, Kyle; Krabbenhoft, Alan G.; Hall, Tanya; Dufrene, Uric; Faulk, Dagney; Law, Nathaniel; Zhong, Litao; Zhuang, Hong; Christ, Kevin; Guell, Robert (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Outlook 2017
  • Slaper, Timothy; Walton, Thomas; Harmon, Karter M. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Business dynamics and economic performance in the Midwest - a look at the new Innovation 2.0; Where did they go? industrial change and worker transitions
  • Marcus, Morton J. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Change, stability, and acceleration in economic growth
  • Krivacsy, Kevin; Usher, Thomas; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Requirements of the job: tracking changes to the education component; Short haul or long haul: migration flows to and from Indiana
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Waldron, David (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Indiana's housing market in in 2016: strong demand, tight supply; Apprenticeship employment and wage outcomes
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Evans, Thea (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Indy-area communities dominate list of fastest-growing places in Indiana; Radon: a public health issue that hurts the poor the most
  • Leeuw, Allison; Strange, Rachel; Zimmer, Timothy E. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Labor Shortage. Job Deficit. Which Is It?; The Saga of Small Towns; Manufacturing Wage Premium Is Stable
  • Leeuw, Allison; Rogers, Carol; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Indiana Labor Force Trends: Shrinking Supply May Incentivize Employers and Training Programs to Get Creative and Competitive; Millenials Outnumber Boomers; What to Expect in Indiana's Metro Economies during 2016
  • Evans, Thea; Waldron, David; Kinghorn, Matt (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    The Home/Work Balance: Visualizing Commuting in Indiana; A Closer Look at Self-Employment in Indiana; Slowing Population Growth
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Knowledge Creation and Innovation in the Hoosier State; The Importance of Education for the Unemployed
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    International Outlook for 2016; U.S. Outlook for 2016; Financial Markets 2016: The Groundhog Forecast; Housing: Positive Growth Expected for 2016; Indiana's Outlook for 2016; The Long View: Indiana's Energy Outlook; Indiana's ...
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Sellers, Kent; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    Indiana Housing: A Historical Perspective; What Is the Unemployment Rate Really?; Growth and Decline in Indiana's Small Towns

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