IN Context: Indiana's Workforce and Economy


IN Context was launched February 2000 as an integrated publication with a printed version linked to a comprehensive data base available on the Internet at

The publication is designed to compile and provide previously scattered data and feature articles about Indiana's economy. It is a collaboration among three organizations: the Labor Market Information division in the Indiana Department of Workforce Development; the Research Division of the Indiana Department of Commerce; and the Indiana Business Research Center.

Recent Submissions

  • Waldron, David; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017-10)
    Career and Technical Education: Outcomes on Employment, Wages, and Industry; Understanding the Administrative Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services Sector
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Evans, Thea; Rogers, Carol O. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017-08)
    Carmel, Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne Show Biggest Population Gains; Occupation Assignment Engine Helps Fill Knowledge Gaps
  • Zimmer, Timothy; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017-06)
    Indianapolis and the Ring: The Changing Nature of Commuting Workers; Internet Use in Indiana
  • Rogers, Carol O.; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017-04)
    Indiana's 2016 Population a Fitting Milestone in the State's 200-Year History; How Indiana's Manufacturing Employment is Changing; Put These in Your Workforce and Economic Development Toolkit
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Caplan, Zoe; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017-02)
    Demographic Divers of Indiana Housing Market Continue to Drag; Economic Expectations: Indiana's Metro Areas in 2017
  • Krivacsy, Kevin; Usher, Thomas; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Requirements of the job: tracking changes to the education component; Short haul or long haul: migration flows to and from Indiana
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Waldron, David (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Indiana's housing market in in 2016: strong demand, tight supply; Apprenticeship employment and wage outcomes
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Evans, Thea (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Indy-area communities dominate list of fastest-growing places in Indiana; Radon: a public health issue that hurts the poor the most
  • Leeuw, Allison; Strange, Rachel; Zimmer, Timothy E. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Labor Shortage. Job Deficit. Which Is It?; The Saga of Small Towns; Manufacturing Wage Premium Is Stable
  • Leeuw, Allison; Rogers, Carol; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Indiana Labor Force Trends: Shrinking Supply May Incentivize Employers and Training Programs to Get Creative and Competitive; Millenials Outnumber Boomers; What to Expect in Indiana's Metro Economies during 2016
  • Evans, Thea; Waldron, David; Kinghorn, Matt (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    The Home/Work Balance: Visualizing Commuting in Indiana; A Closer Look at Self-Employment in Indiana; Slowing Population Growth
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Sellers, Kent; Strange, Rachel (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    Indiana Housing: A Historical Perspective; What Is the Unemployment Rate Really?; Growth and Decline in Indiana's Small Towns
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Caplan, Zoe; Seegert, Vicki; Zimmer, Timothy (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    Indiana Reaches Important Housing Milestones in 2015; Yardsticks: Per Capita Income as One Measure of Economic Well-Being
  • Evans, Thea; Hall, Tanya; Zimmer, Timothy (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    Indiana's Coal Mining Industry; Ninety Years of Agriculture: Going Beyond the Rockwell Image of Farming; The Asymmetric Impact of Policy and the Need to Regionalize
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Conover, Jerry; Hall, Tanya (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    The Economic Contributions of Indiana Agriculture; The Rearview Mirror: A 90-Year Retrospective on Indiana's Economy; The Great Recession's Influence on Indiana's Wood Products Industry
  • Strange, Rachel; Zimmer, Timothy; Rogers, Carol O. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    Indiana Manufacturing on a Roll; Job Growth Uneven across Indiana; Hoosier Veterans
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Strange, Rachel; Rogers, Carol O. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    Indiana's Housing Market in 2014; 90 Years and Indiana Doubles Its Population; Today's Labor Force
  • Slaper, Timothy; Hall, Tanya; Zimmer, Timothy (Indiana Business Research Center, 2014)
    Fast Facts about Indiana's Top 10 Export Markets; The Value of Indiana Agriculture Production; Importance of the Statewide Industry Mix
  • Kinghorn, Matt; Hall, Tanya; Zimmer, Timothy; Conover, Jerry (Indiana Business Research Center, 2014)
    Indiana Grows Increasingly Diverse; Farm Financials; Has the Grass Turned to Mud? Employer Concerns about Skilled Labor; Evolving Industries in Southwest Central Indiana
  • Hall, Tanya; Leeuw, Allison; Baer, Charles; Zimmer, Timothy; Strange, Rachel (2014-07)
    The Data Says ... Results from the 2012 Census of Agriculture; Indiana's STEM Pipeline: A Surplus of Graduates; What Can IRS Data Tell Us about Income in Indiana

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