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The Indiana Business Review is a quarterly publication of the Indiana Business Research Center, Kelley School of Business, at Indiana University. Published continuously since 1926, the IBR provides analysis and insight on economic and demographic issues.

Recent Submissions

  • Zimmer, Timothy E.; Rogers, Carol O.; Evans, Thea (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017)
    Which Hoosiers are Successfully Navigating the Unemployment System; Education Required, but at What Level
  • Marcus, Morton J.; Yadavalli, Anita (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017)
    Workers' Share of GDP; Indiana's Long-Term Care Insurance Program
  • Zimmer, Timothy E.; Knapp, Karl; Slaper, Timothy; Rogers, Carol O. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017)
    Lean Manufacturing: The Production Employment and Wages Connection; Innovation 2.0 - What's in Your Wallet; Reflections on the Carrier Deal
  • Witte, Willard E.; Bonser-Neal, Cathy; Mafi-Kreft, Elham; Neal, Robert S.; Trzcinka, Charles; McCoy, Douglas M.; Slaper, Timothy F.; Brewer, Ryan M.; Walton, Thomas W.; Hurt, Chris; Truitt, Terry C.; Conover, Jerry N.; Khayum, Mohammed; Samavati, Hedayeh; Nazarov, Zafar; Pollak, Micah R.; Anderson, Kyle; Krabbenhoft, Alan G.; Hall, Tanya; Dufrene, Uric; Faulk, Dagney; Law, Nathaniel; Zhong, Litao; Zhuang, Hong; Christ, Kevin; Guell, Robert (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Outlook 2017
  • Slaper, Timothy; Walton, Thomas; Harmon, Karter M. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Business dynamics and economic performance in the Midwest - a look at the new Innovation 2.0; Where did they go? industrial change and worker transitions
  • Marcus, Morton J. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Change, stability, and acceleration in economic growth
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Knowledge Creation and Innovation in the Hoosier State; The Importance of Education for the Unemployed
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    International Outlook for 2016; U.S. Outlook for 2016; Financial Markets 2016: The Groundhog Forecast; Housing: Positive Growth Expected for 2016; Indiana's Outlook for 2016; The Long View: Indiana's Energy Outlook; Indiana's ...
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    Aging of the Indiana Workforce; FDI Announcements: A Potential Signal of the Benefits of Cluster Development
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    Does Export Growth Create Jobs?; Population Growth Cools in Many Indiana Communities
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    Inexpensively Estimating the Economic Impact of Sports Tourism Programs in Small American Cities; Industry Clusters and Economic Development
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2014)
    International Outlook for 2015; U.S. Outlook for 2015; Financial Markets 2015: Earnings, Government and the World; Housing: Risk Tolerance and Job Growth Are Key to 2015; Indiana's Outlook for 2015; The Long View: Does ...
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2014)
    Indiana Jobs: Recession, Recovery; The Power of Workforce Data Integration: Adding Credentials to the Mix
  • Unknown author (2014)
    A Skills Map for Indiana; Double Duty: Career Tool for Job Seekers, Labor Supply Tool for Economic Developers
  • Unknown author (2014)
    Measuring the Economic Performance of Regions: Creative Destruction and Economic Dynamism; Clustering Occupations
  • Unknown author (2013)
    U.S. Outlook for 2014; Indiana's Outlook for 2014; Biostatistics: Comparing the Productivity and Importance of the Life Sciences; State Revenue Collection through the Great Recession; Onward and Upward with the Cost of ...
  • Unknown author (1988-04)
    The Lottery: Its Financial Effects; The Lottery: Its Economic Effects; The Lottery and Pari-Mutuels: Strange Bedfellows; Wholesaling of Wine and Spirits in Indiana
  • Unknown author (1988-07)
    The Outlook at Midyear; Consumption Spending; Investment Spending; Government Fiscal and Monetary Policy and Inflation; The International Economy; Interest Rates and the Financial Markets; Indiana: Doing Better, and Hoping ...
  • Unknown author (1988-11)
    Indiana's Economic Performance: A Comparison; Providing Public Facilities to Support Economic Growth; Why There Will Be No Recession
  • Unknown author (1988-12)
    The Outlook for 1989; Personal Consumption; Nonresidential Investment; Fiscal Policy; The International Economy; Interest Rates and Financial Markets; Inflation, Unemployment, and Capacity Utilization; Housing; The Indiana ...

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