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  • Unknown author (2007)
    Survey Respondents Share Opinions of Riverboat Casinos in their Communities; Indiana Evidence on the Employment Beta
  • Unknown author (2007)
    The Professional and Business Services Sector: Employment Changes Across Indiana Metros; Nanotechnology: Breaking Through the Next Big Frontier of Knowledge
  • Unknown author (1988-04)
    The Lottery: Its Financial Effects; The Lottery: Its Economic Effects; The Lottery and Pari-Mutuels: Strange Bedfellows; Wholesaling of Wine and Spirits in Indiana
  • Unknown author (1989-04)
    Does Indiana Get Its "Fair Share" of Federal Funds?; The Effect of Population Statistics on Federal Funds Distribution
  • Unknown author (1996-04)
    Big Growth in Small Places and Suburban Communities; Future Trends in Indiana's School Enrollment; Indiana Continues to Grow; Almost All Indiana Counties Growing in Population
  • Unknown author (1989-08)
    Indiana's 10th Congressional Seat and the 1990 Census: Will History Repeat Itself?; The Impact of Wages on Import Penetration; Manufacturing and the Role of Human Capital Widening in Indiana
  • Unknown author (1990)
    Indiana a Century Ag0; A LaPorte County Profile; A Staistical Overview of LaPorte County
  • Unknown author (1991)
    The Relationship Between Demographic Changes and Future Housing Demand in Indiana: A Preliminary Look from the Census; A Labor Perspective on Workplace Literacy
  • Unknown author (1992)
    Determinants of Manufacturing Location: An Analysis of Locations in Indiana Between 1986 and 1989; Status of Indiana Families: Today and Tomorrow
  • Unknown author (1993)
    Indiana State Taxes and Expenditures: A Growth Rate Analysis; An Evaluation of the Fiscal Condition of Cities in Indiana, 1970-1990; A Sector-based Strategy for Economic Development
  • Unknown author (1998)
    Apportionment of the U.S. House of Representatives: Will Indiana Lose a Seat After the 2000 Census?; Census 2000 Update for Indiana; Whither Goest EDIN?; Gone Fishin'
  • Unknown author (1999)
    Taxing Inventory: An Analysis of its Effects in Indiana; What Do We Want From Economic Development?; City and Town Population: Sub-county Population Estimates for July 1, 1998; County Income Growth: How Healthy? How ...
  • Unknown author (2000)
    The Rich Stay Rich Among Indiana's Counties; Indiana Migration Shifts; The Changing Face of Indiana; Census 2000 Update--The Next Steps
  • Unknown author (2001)
    Good Pay, B.A. Not Required: An Analysis of Occupations, Pay and Educational Requirements; Inside Indiana's Counties: Township Population Changes, 1990-2000
  • Unknown author (2002)
    Housing Hoosiers; Long Form Data Fill Out Census 2000 Portrait; A Graphic Overview of Employment and Earnings in the 1990s
  • Unknown author (2003)
    Mothers of Invention: Women in Technology; Hoosier Women in High-Tech Jobs; The Hoosier Melting Pot Continues to Simmer; Midwest Sees Lower Cost of Living
  • Unknown author (2004)
    Business Income Taxes in Indiana: Who Pays?; What Is the Economic Base of This Place?; Suburbs Diversify: Population Change in Racial and Hispanic Composition; Diversity by the Numbers: Population Growth by County, April ...
  • Unknown author (2005)
    Economic Self-Sufficience: The Minimum Cost of Family Support in Indiana's Metropolitan Areas; Trends in Marriage and Birth: The Fundamentals; Family Income, Earners, and Occupations: An American Community Survey Snapshot ...
  • Unknown author (2006)
    How Does Your Garden Grow?: Employment Growth Among the States; Differences in Income by Region and Race; Agritourism and Rural Economic Development
  • Unknown author (2008)
    Minimum Wage Impacts on Employment: A Look at Indiana, Illinois, and Surrounding Midwestern States; Shifting Gears: Recent Changes in Indiana’s Economy

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