Indiana Business Review: Recent submissions

  • Zimmer, Timothy E.; Rogers, Carol O.; Evans, Thea (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017)
    Which Hoosiers are Successfully Navigating the Unemployment System; Education Required, but at What Level
  • Marcus, Morton J.; Yadavalli, Anita (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017)
    Workers' Share of GDP; Indiana's Long-Term Care Insurance Program
  • Zimmer, Timothy E.; Knapp, Karl; Slaper, Timothy; Rogers, Carol O. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2017)
    Lean Manufacturing: The Production Employment and Wages Connection; Innovation 2.0 - What's in Your Wallet; Reflections on the Carrier Deal
  • Witte, Willard E.; Bonser-Neal, Cathy; Mafi-Kreft, Elham; Neal, Robert S.; Trzcinka, Charles; McCoy, Douglas M.; Slaper, Timothy F.; Brewer, Ryan M.; Walton, Thomas W.; Hurt, Chris; Truitt, Terry C.; Conover, Jerry N.; Khayum, Mohammed; Samavati, Hedayeh; Nazarov, Zafar; Pollak, Micah R.; Anderson, Kyle; Krabbenhoft, Alan G.; Hall, Tanya; Dufrene, Uric; Faulk, Dagney; Law, Nathaniel; Zhong, Litao; Zhuang, Hong; Christ, Kevin; Guell, Robert (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Outlook 2017
  • Slaper, Timothy; Walton, Thomas; Harmon, Karter M. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Business dynamics and economic performance in the Midwest - a look at the new Innovation 2.0; Where did they go? industrial change and worker transitions
  • Marcus, Morton J. (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Change, stability, and acceleration in economic growth
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2016)
    Knowledge Creation and Innovation in the Hoosier State; The Importance of Education for the Unemployed
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    International Outlook for 2016; U.S. Outlook for 2016; Financial Markets 2016: The Groundhog Forecast; Housing: Positive Growth Expected for 2016; Indiana's Outlook for 2016; The Long View: Indiana's Energy Outlook; Indiana's ...
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    Aging of the Indiana Workforce; FDI Announcements: A Potential Signal of the Benefits of Cluster Development
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    Does Export Growth Create Jobs?; Population Growth Cools in Many Indiana Communities
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2015)
    Inexpensively Estimating the Economic Impact of Sports Tourism Programs in Small American Cities; Industry Clusters and Economic Development
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2014)
    International Outlook for 2015; U.S. Outlook for 2015; Financial Markets 2015: Earnings, Government and the World; Housing: Risk Tolerance and Job Growth Are Key to 2015; Indiana's Outlook for 2015; The Long View: Does ...
  • Unknown author (Indiana Business Research Center, 2014)
    Indiana Jobs: Recession, Recovery; The Power of Workforce Data Integration: Adding Credentials to the Mix
  • Unknown author (2014)
    A Skills Map for Indiana; Double Duty: Career Tool for Job Seekers, Labor Supply Tool for Economic Developers
  • Unknown author (2014)
    Measuring the Economic Performance of Regions: Creative Destruction and Economic Dynamism; Clustering Occupations
  • Unknown author (2013)
    U.S. Outlook for 2014; Indiana's Outlook for 2014; Biostatistics: Comparing the Productivity and Importance of the Life Sciences; State Revenue Collection through the Great Recession; Onward and Upward with the Cost of ...
  • Unknown author (1988-04)
    The Lottery: Its Financial Effects; The Lottery: Its Economic Effects; The Lottery and Pari-Mutuels: Strange Bedfellows; Wholesaling of Wine and Spirits in Indiana
  • Unknown author (1988-07)
    The Outlook at Midyear; Consumption Spending; Investment Spending; Government Fiscal and Monetary Policy and Inflation; The International Economy; Interest Rates and the Financial Markets; Indiana: Doing Better, and Hoping ...
  • Unknown author (1988-11)
    Indiana's Economic Performance: A Comparison; Providing Public Facilities to Support Economic Growth; Why There Will Be No Recession
  • Unknown author (1988-12)
    The Outlook for 1989; Personal Consumption; Nonresidential Investment; Fiscal Policy; The International Economy; Interest Rates and Financial Markets; Inflation, Unemployment, and Capacity Utilization; Housing; The Indiana ...

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