Journalism and Public Relations at IUPUI, IU Department of

Journalism and Public Relations at IUPUI, IU Department of


Before 1974 journalism courses had been taught at Indianapolis in the Department of English, mainly by professor Shirley Quate, who also advised the student-run campus newspaper, The Sagamore, which first appeared in 1971. The school took over administration of The Sagamore, appointing its first publisher in 1985.

In 1989 the School of Journalism in Bloomington separated from the College of Arts and Sciences and became independent. Since 1990, students in the School of Journalism on both campuses have enrolled in a new degree program, the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (B.A.J.). The graduate program includes a master of the arts degree.

On July 1, 2014 the journalism and public relations program at IUPUI became a department within the IU School of Liberal Arts. The IU School of Journalism at IU Bloomington merged with the Department of Telecommunications and the Department of Communication and Culture to form The Media School.

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